37684_414234346217_670949_nGroup and private lessons are offered in a small farm setting where the focus is on practical horsemanship. At Rocky Top Farm, students will learn all aspects of riding and horse care in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Students are required to wear a helmet (can be provided) and proper footwear, which includes a shoe with a heel such as a paddock boots, hiking boots or rubber boots (no steel toes, running shoes, Crocs or sandals). Proper leg wear includes long pants such as breeches, jeans or leotards.

Pay As You Go Lesson: $35 each
Pre-Pay 4 Lessons: $130 per set
Family Plan: $25 each, immediate family only


English lessons are offered in dressage and jumping. The horses are not trained western, but students may be able to take a lesson in a western saddle if they feel more comfortable. New students will ride one of our quiet “teachers” whereas more experienced riders have the option of riding greener horses that are still in the process of being trained. 

Lesson times are flexible, available during weekdays, evenings or weekends. Lessons are all conducted in the outdoor arena so are subject to weather conditions, but generally students ride year round. 

Lesson students have the opportunity to travel to local shows and fall fairs through summer and fall. Students have also been able to participate in local parades. Each month during the summer, Rocky Top Farm has a fun show just for Rocky Top students so they can show off their skills to family and friends without the pressure. 

Please find our liability release, required for every new rider, here: Waiver


1. Individuals wishing to commence lessons must be a minimum of nine years of age. Under the age of nine, parental accompaniment is required. 

2. It is inevitable that every rider will sustain a fall. Therefore, we require that if you have ANY condition (e.g. medical) which could be aggravated by a fall, you must consult your physician before commencing any equestrian activities AND disclose that information to Rocky Top Farm.